My Father

He has always believed in me.
     Expecting more than I could see.
He has always provided so much.
     Setting goals I reached high to touch.
He is not one for hugs and kisses.
    But the love in his smile one never misses.
I am courageous and strong.
     Because he works hard days and long.
I am laughing and caring.
    Because amusing humor he is endlessly sharing.
I am often terribly stubborn.
     A trait from dad I must have learned.
As my heavenly father gave me spirit and life,
     My earthly father also shared in my strife.
As my heavenly father unconditionally does,
     My earthly father also loves.
As my heavenly father shall never depart,
    My earthly father ever remains in my heart.

The Palm of His Hands

Constant search for peace; can find none.
Existence bare of everything, 
only consciousness within the night.
The silence unveils enormous resting hands.
Only the hands, the huge unknown Being lost to shadow.
Calmly, patiently, lying there open
palm turned upward, stillness beckoning, come.
Exhausted, lost, in want of rest.
Choosing to accept the opportunity, 
bravely approaching loving presence.
Within the gentle folds, steps to climb.
Finally......... a safe place to rest.
Curling up in the loving palm as a babe in its mother’s womb,
It is here one can know peace and begin to heal.